Robert Sean Parker


Some videos of film and theatre work through the years!  


The Memoirs of Don Walker

Sphinx Productions
Don Walker, Erik Wilson

Insomnia, Job on the line, Abuse, Rage....the ingredients of murder.  Winner best film International Film Festival, NYC. 2005

Chasing Robert

Bad Penny Productions
Vince, Directed by Len Austrevich

Alan (Len Austrevich) is a gambler desperate to erase the huge sports debt he owes to a cruel but quirky Chicago mobster!

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Stage work at various theatres through the years

Many different characters and great directors to work with!
Charles Guiteau in ASSASSINS, Felix in THE ODD COUPLE, Seymore in LITTLE SHOP of HORRORS, Silvio in PVT. WARS.

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An experiment with "Iago" from Othello by William Shakespeare

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